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Accra East TM Centre

1 Avodire Crescent, Regimanuel Gray Estates, East Airport, Accra
Wilfred & Mercy Okine
Call +233 (24) 4310646 or +233 (20) 8112167
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Mercy Okine, is a mother and dressmaker, she has been a certified teacher of TM since 2017. She is also the Co. National Director for Ghana.

Mercy Okine, Teacher of Transcendental Meditation
Leesha, Teacher of Transcendental Meditaion

Wilfred Okine is a graduate of the Unversity of Ghana, and a Certified Chartered Accountant. He started meditating in 1976 and became a certified teacher of TM in 2017. He is currently the National Leader of Ghana.

Accra North TM Centre

16 Date Adom Gate, Regimanuel Estates, Katamanso, Accra
Ms Florence Adjei
WhatsApp: ‭+66 (92) 650-6071‬
Call: ‭+233 (24) 467-5121‬

Florence Adjei, is a graduate of the Rajapark Institute in Bangkok with extensive experience teaching TM in corporate and educational institutions internationally.

Florence Adjei, Teacher of Transcendental Meditation